Welcome to Alexia’s letters to you.

Let’s face it, you can get a haircut in your kitchen; and most of us had, at the hands of our mother , our wife, or very best girlfriend. Alexia is dedicated to providing you the total experience in Haircare and Hair Style.

What is the total experience?

  • We create designs as unique as you are.
    At The Haven you will walk away with a  fabulous style taylor made to fit your personality, lifestyle, hair texture, hair growth pattern, along with face and body shape. Simply put, you wont see your style on anyone else.
  • We know the shape is just the foundation. We make sure you are  visually captivating,  by  infusing luxury into your hair. When you leave we want others to be drawn to secretly want to touch your hair,wondering  how you can be so fabulous!
  • We believe style is something you are, not something you put on. We make sure, as a natural flow to your daily routine and life style, you maintain a continuously spectacular image that never flattens, falls, weeps, or flops in the middle of your day.
  • We believe you should get all of this in an upscale  family friendly atmosphere that encourages you to relax, melt away from your responsibilities,  and relish in the opportunity to be pampered.
  • We believe you deserve the total experience, and keep it available to you at a reasonable price.