Our brushes make us realize that shedding is a normal occurrence. Ideally we want the new growth to at least equal the shedding. In most cases throughout our life, this will be the case. However heredity, illness, stress or trauma, poor nutrition, and even an improper maintenance of one’s scalp or hair can each be factors in accelerated hair loss. Consult your physician, if you notice what seems to be a sudden or drastic change in the density or condition of your hair, to be evaluated for conditions that may require medical attention.

When you have ruled out the necessity for medical intervention, consult with your hair professional. With the numerous professional products available on the market that can slow down hair loss, help regenerate hair growth, and cause one’s hair to look and feel thicker it is important to take into consideration your style, hair type, the history of services you have received. Only your stylist has the education and experience to guide you through the myriad of tools and products that may be right for you.

Follow a sound nutritional and fitness regime, get check-ups and maintain your hair daily with the proper tools and professional products for your specific needs.