While you may be a blond, brunette or redhead, hair naturally emerges in subtle tones within these shades to create dimension. In nature no one hair is exactly the same color as the one it grows beside. Heredity, a healthy lifestyle, exposure to the elements, and proper hair maintenance all have its effect on the dimension nature gives you. It is common place for both men and women to enhance the variation of their natural hair color with highlights and, or, lowlights. A palette of color, at minimum a three color blend, is most appealing.

Once upon a time highlights were in the blond family, and lowlights more toward the browns. Now both highlights and low lights can be any color which you and your professional stylist imagine to be spectacular. The term highlight refers to a tone lighter than your natural color, or the overall “ base” color of your hair. Conversely, lowlight refers to a tone darker than the same “base”.

Taste in style varies from person to person. Highlights and lowlights may be as subtle or dramatic a variation from your overall color as you desire. As an example, we recently created a custom blend of color for two very special clients; green highlights and blue lowlights into a deep brunette head of hair and three distinct shades of amazing pink for another.

If you are color shy you don’t have to be adventurous. Add just a bit of pizzazz by adding well placed foils a shade lighter and a shade deeper. Your stylist can inform you what color options are best for your skin tone, tastes and lifestyle to enhance your natural or professional color.