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Hair Color Dimension is Imperative
Maximizing the dimension of your hair color is the imperative ingredient in your overall image. Even with a head full of hair and perfectly shaped haircut, if your hair color lacks enough dimension, your overall look will fall flat.

What is Hair Color Dimension?
While we may perceive hair to be blond, brunette or red,  hair naturally emerges in a soft subtle pallet of colors to create dimension. Each hair on your head is never the exact same color as the one beside it. It is the change from hair to hair that gives hair its most youthfully and natural appeal.

Highlights or Lowlights?
Heredity, healthy lifestyle and proper hair maintenance all have its effect on your natural dimension . Many people enjoy enhancing their natural variation with both highlights and lowlights provided by their professional cosmetologist or barber.

What is the Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?
While highlights are generally thought to be in the blond family, and lowlights in the dark brown, they can be any color which you and your professional stylist imagine to be spectacular. The term highlight refers to a tone lighter than the base, or overall color of your hair; conversely, lowlight refers to a tone darker than the same base. Alexia recently created purple lowlights and platinum highlights into a deep brunette head of hair. The result,was uniquely breath taking!

Do They Need to Be Subtle or Dramatic?
Taste in style varies from person to person. Highlights and lowlights may be as subtle or dramatic a variation from your overall color as you desire. Your stylist can inform you what color options are  best for your tastes and  lifestyle to enhance your natural or professional color.

Blending the Perfect Color Pallet
Warm Blonds      Cool  Blonds      Warm Browns          Cool Browns
Warm Reds        Cool Reds          Warm Brunetts        Cool Brunetts
Black                Primary Colors

The Best Type of Hair Color to Use for Creating Dimension.
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How to Choose the Best Looking Hair Color for your Complexion.
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