Choosing the Perfect Hair Color to Balance Your Complexion
At one time or another we all have been in line behind that beautiful woman with the really bad hair color. “Doesn’t anyone love her enough to tell her? “, you may think. The truth is simpler but, from a professional colorists point of view, not any less tragic. Whether she colored her hair herself, or had it done professionally, it is obvious a suitable hair color was not chosen for her. It is painfully apparent to everyone.
Different hair colors suit different complexions due to the presence of underlying pigment and tones. Whether you are considering simply blending in a few grey hairs, or sporting an all blue bang, in order to choose a suitable hair color, you need to identify the right combination to flatter you completely. All complexions fall into four different skin tone categories.

Light Skin Tones
: People usually tend to have either a peachy/ creamy beige or creamy/ ivory complexion and the eye color is usually hazel, green, topaz, amber or brown. Shades that suit this complexion are golden brown, red highlights, strawberry blond, natural golden blond or light auburn.

Cool: People have light pearl, rosy pink, alabaster, and rose beige complexion; and the eye color is gray-blue, gray-green, blue-green or light blue. The best hair color shades includes sliver blond or platinum blond, white blond, taupe or light brown.

Medium to Deep Skin Tones
Warm: The skin tone ranges from tawny or deep golden brown to coppery. The eye color is usually green, topaz, cinnamon, amber or coffee berry. The best shades for this skin tone include dark golden brown, chestnut, honey brown, red highlights, mahogany and copper colors.

Cool: The skin tones range from dark olive or light olive, gray-brown or dark brown, to ebony; and the eye color is deep blue, deep green, blue-green, brown or black. The best shades for this skin tone are black, burgundy brown, plum and dark brown. You can also highlight hair by using burgundy or plum red highlights.

The Next Step in Balancing your Hair Color : Maximizing Dimension
Once you have the right color pallet for your complexion, it is time to move onto the next step: Maximizing Dimension. Maximizing dimension is the imperative ingredient in your overall image. Even with a head full of hair and perfectly shaped haircut, if your hair color lacks enough dimension, your style will fall flat. To easily determine how much dimension is ideal for you read Maximizing Dimension.


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