Looking for a change in style? Do you need a little pick-me-up? Do you long for the hair color of your younger days? Time to add a bit of spice to life? Ready to don your own superwoman persona? There is no better way than with Hair Color. Whether subtle or dramatic, well chosen and placed color can make even the same old cut anew.

A perfect hair color can make you look vibrant and enhance your spirits as well. It can spruce up your hair or give you a complete makeover. There are some things that you should keep in mind before you decide to color your hair. You will want a shade that complements your natural skin and enhances your personality.

Your Individuality
Coloring your hair is one way to express your individuality. Take some time to consider the final benefits you are looking for. Writing down a list of adjectives can help. Benefits can include: soft, youthful, shiny, thickest, nourished, lively, vibrant, striking,etc. If you are clear about exactly what you want, it can help in choosing the hair color that is right for you.

Perfect Color

Unless you are a professional colorist, the presence of underlying pigments and tones, makes choosing the perfect color a bit confusing. You can achieve the most flattering look, if you consider your skin tone and eye color. Hair color that balances your complexion is the most flattering.

Most Flattering 

Different hair colors suit different complexions. Whether you are considering simply blending in a few grey hairs or sporting an all blue bang, in order to choose a suitable hair color, you need to identify the right combination to flatter you completely. It is a must that you choose a hair color that balances your complexion. All complexions fall into four different skin tone categories.

Which skin tone category are you? To learn more about how to choose a color combination that flatters you completely, read Color Balance Your Complexion


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