Manufactures started the talk about Hair color INGREDIENTS to brand themselves. This is not an article about the superiority of non amonia color or henna. Find the facts HERE .

Hair Color Could Permanently Affect Your Hair’s Cortex
Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to change or enhance your overall look. However, the type of hair color used may alter your hair’s cortex, the inner most (cellular) level. The change you make today may be with you for longer than you think.



The Length of Your Hair Color Relationship
Hair grows, on average, 1/2 inch per month. If you like a cut where your hairs are greater than 6” in length, the color you choose today will still be part of you next year. While many new clients come to me wanting to ” go back to their natural color”, just like a haircut, there is no way to put back natural pigment once you remove it. All (but one type of hair color) either take out pigment or put in artificially created pigment. The Artificial pigment does not behave like your natural pigment. Once you alter the content of your hair’s cortex, those changes will affect everything else you wish to chemically pursue until the changed hair lies on the floor.

Types, or Categories, of Hair Color
All hair color with the word ” permanent” affects the cells of the hair. You must consider the change to your hair when considering all future color and texture desires. Thus, for aesthetic and health reasons, it is always advisable to have your hair colored by a hair color specialist. Just like your trusted Doctor, it is best to use the same specialist each time, and to ask for your color card when you move.

Permanent Hair Color:
This hair color actually removes most of your natural pigment, replacing it with artificial pigment in the color you have chosen. Permanent means it has permanently effected your hair. The color will not be permanent. All permanent color will fade in time.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color:
This hair color is most often used for enhancing rather than permanently changing your natural hair color. Most manufactures state it washes out in 6 to 12 shampoos. This statement is to cover their product performance guarantee. Because it has ” permanent” in the name, it will alter your hair and be with you to some degree less than “permanent color”. It is not capable of lightening your hair to any significant degree.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color:
This type of hair color is not capable of lightening your hair. The difference between “semi” and demi” is the amount of deposit. This hair color stays for a longer time than semi- permanent color before it appears to fade out. It is imporant your color specialist is experienced. While the manufacturer may state the hair color fades after 12 to 24 shampoos, on a cellular level ( like semi- permanent) the color will remain in the hair longer. Even though it may appear “ all washed out”, this type of hair builds upon itself. Unless your specialist is skilled, the ends of the hair will darken over time.

Temporary Hair Color: As the word suggests, the temporary hair colors are available in the form of shampoos, foams, rinses, sprays, gels, etc. This type is not capable of lightening your hair. Unless your hair is porous, temporary hair color generally washes out in one shampoo. This type of hair color is popular amongst teens and those wishing to change the tone of their grey or white hair.

Color is all about what one feels; if you feel it’s time to change your hair color, then absolutely do it. But use a color specialist. He or she is skilled at minimize your risk, now, and as it will affect your future desires.


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