Captivating Color

Grow Color Right Out of Your Head

Much in life is attractive. Parts of it are beautiful. Every once in a while you come across something that, truly, is visually captivating. Each captivating item has this singular element : it is  composed of a blend, or pattern, of color. Whether complementary or contrasting, subtle or dramatic, compatible color emerges from its essence. Maybe you have noticed the world around you, but not yourself in this way. Without any thought, or effort on your part, color emerges right out of your head; your unique ” crown of glory”, a personalized accessory that has the power to visually captivate the attention of others.

Maximize the Color growing out of your head.

For ideas on how you can harness your own natural power to captivate take a look through our articles. Then schedule a complementary, no obligation, consultation with alexia.

Creating a Captivating Color
How Hair is Like a Cherished Garment
Color Dimension
Coping with Greying Hair
Choosing the Perfect Hair Color to Balance your Complexion
Choosing the Proper Type of Hair Color
Is Ammonia Hair Color Harmful
Highlights and Lowlights
A Fabulous Color Makeover
Men: Camouflage Your Greying Hair
Shiny Youthful Hair Color
Placements of Color to Flatter Your Features


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