About Alexia
Alexia’s passion is to consistently provide you an Upscale Salon experience. You are the main event in our warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. You can always expect a positive, uplifting and edifying experience. You will walk away refreshed, with the assurance that each expertly customized service you received outwardly reflects how unique and exceptional you are.

Amazingly glamorous color & texture enhancing services uniquely inspired to suit only you. Expect unsurpassed hair shaping to reflect your unique image, personality and lifestyle with minimal daily effort.

 Alexia attended Lakeview Junior and West Orange High Schools, participating in the marching and symphonic bands in the capacities of majorette, rifle corps co-captain and flutist. At the age of 17, Alexia attended Orlando Vocational- Technical School during her senior year of High School to obtain her Cosmetology Certificate and received licensing to put herself through college. Alexia earned her Associate in Arts degree at Valencia Community College and completed her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida’s Business College where she majored in Finance.

Earning a successful living in the Real Estate Industry enables Alexia to indulge in her passion of hair. Alexia purposes daily toward increasing her knowledge of industry trends; improving upon tried and true technics through hands on certifications across the state, diverse reading and creatively experimenting…purely for the fun and joy of it. Through these means she maintains an unsurpassed level of expertise and experience amongst her peers.

Alexia has spent her life time studying and applying principles of edification and encouragement, business enhancement, creative expression and maximizing ROI. She has given 110% in both paid and volunteer positions ranging from retail & volunteer management, merchandising, marketing & outside sales, to public relations , event coordination and maximizing clients’ net return on their sale of vacant and improved properties.

Alexia is the ultimate multi-tasker. While continuing to build upon the success of her cosmetology business and home schooling her daughter from first through twelfth grades, she took on the position of Real Estate Sales Agent in 2003 with Main Street Realty International. In November 2009 she added the position of Managing Partner at My Salon. She continues to work to aid families in obtaining greater financial stability through short sales, the leasing of rental and purchasing of investment properties.

No matter what hat you find her under, you can always bank on Alexia owning , and working toward helping others own, a positive spin on life.

Proud to be a native Floridian, born and bred , Alexia has lived in the greater Orlando Area since the 1970’s. 

The Team:
Alexia’s daughter works in tandem with her, and is most likely to be the one with whom you speak leading up to and immediately following your appointment. “ I couldn’t begin to work full time in two industries and accomplish my duties to the salon without her”, says Alexia of her daughter.
“She is invaluable as my right hand and external hard-drive. She is my secretary, my calendar, my bookkeeper and personal business manager.”


Word on Alexia’s Relationships:
“ She is always happy, values each relationship as unique, gives 120% and is a stickler for confidentiality. The fast rising success of My Salon can be attributed to her skills and creative ideas. Her extensive knowledge of color and innovative cutting techniques separate her from others. I’ve worked with her for almost four years now and I can attest that her dedication to family and church is evident by her concern for others and her many hours of volunteer service. I’ve heard many a client boast along the lines of,  “Alexia always makes me feel like I’m special. I always value her opinion concerning my appearance”.  Twenty- eight years of experience not only allowed her to perfectly master aesthetic skills and realize a loyal cliental ( the average client has visited Alexia every 4 weeks for more than 20 years), but has also allowed her to witness young clients grow into successful adults. ” -John Parker, Co-Managing Partner of My Salon

Client Testimonials:
“I have and will always come to Alexia because she’s so talented. I not only feel good when I leave, but I have a perfect ,worry free style all month long. So many people stop me and ask who does my hair! Its fantastic! I’m living so beautifully!” – 30 year old female client to another client in the salon

 “ Miss Alexia is like family, Mama.”– ten year old girl to her mother as they left the salon



 “ No, it was perfect again. Just the usual.” male client in his 60’s to Alexia during appointment

Motto:              LIVE BEAUTIFULLY – REAP the REWARDS 

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